Time Management: 7 Time Management Techniques to Maximize Your Productivity by Lisa Turner

Are you an introvert who has a hard time getting things done?

Time management: 7 time management techniques to maximize your productivity


One rainy night in December, young CEO David Stone is inexplicably called back to the office. The company's chairman tells him that the board members have reached the end of their patience. If David can't produce a viable turnaround plan in five weeks, he's out of a job. The problem is, he's already used every trick in the book and nothing has worked. His only hope is to try something new. But what?

The powerful tools at the center of the story are the five Qs of strategy and the five Ps of design thinking. These make up the basic principles of agile strategy--a faster, more collaborative approach to building a brand.

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Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management for women, time management productivity, small business, time management system, procrastination, productivity

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It’s imperative to realize the utility of having even a basic system for organization. It’s so easy to overlook these things as unimportant, but that’s because we can’t always see the consequences to our actions. This practice of putting things in order, in a single location, takes only a little bit of discipline, but can (and often does) save a ton of regret. This is about more than just convenience, it about the automation of good habits. Simply knowing where things are can shave off minutes every day in procrastination, giving you a slight daily edge. Moreover, it reduces ‘decision fatigue’, which has been empirically shown to improve willpower and productivity, as you don’t waste mental energy on finding, for example, where you put your socks, or some other easily solved issue.

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