Productivity: Easy Steps to Happier and More Productive by Arie Benson

(85b) Easy Steps to Happier and More Productive

Productivity: easy steps to happier and more productive


The impact of microbial inoculants on the remediation of heavy metals, soil carbon sequestration, function of rhizosphere microbial communities and remediation of heavy metal contaminated agricultural soils is also covered in great detail.

The first volume of the book Microbial Inoculants in Sustainable Agricultural Productivity - Research Perspectives highlights the efforts of global experts with regard to various aspects of microbial inoculants. Emphasis is placed on recent advances in microbiological techniques for the isolation, characterization, identification and evaluation of functional properties using biochemical and molecular tools. The taxonomic characterization of agriculturally important microorganisms is documented, along with their applications in field conditions.

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I went to school while I was on active duty and earned my B.S. degree. After I left the military, I went to graduate school and earned my Master of Social Work degree in 1996. Well, a few months after I graduated from college, my wife told me we were having company that night, and someone was coming over to show us a business opportunity. There in our living room that night, we saw our first home-based business opportunity in the direct sales industry. For once in my life, I saw something I really wanted, and it changed my life over the next 10 years.

In 1999 we had our first of two children, and my wife, who up until that point was very career minded and focused, expressed that she did not want to go back to work. This was not a surprise, because she had alluded to it early on in our marriage that she would possibly want to stay home after we started to have children. So immediately I knew I had to do something to make more money as we were not prepared financially to do this stay-at-home mother thing, but we worked in out as we went along.

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