Make Money Online: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Starting Make Money Online by Glen Hayes

(225b) The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Starting Make Money Online

Make money online: the ultimate beginners guide to starting make money online


This book is for people who are new to selling on Craigslist, or who are relatively inexperienced, and would like to learn some new strategies for selling their items on Craigslist.
Some intermediate sellers may gain some new insight, or might benefit from a review of some common practices that improve results for selling on Craigslist.

If you want to build different streams of passive income and take your finances to the next level, then this guide will show you a proven path to doing just that. 

Once they start producing revenue, reinvest your earning into your order projects. By building a large suite of sites that produce stable consistent income with relatively little work on your part, you can build a truly passive online income empire. No hype. All results.

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: affiliate marketing, how to get rich, make money online, passive income, stock market, investing, real estate, internet marketing, affiliate marketing secrets

Word Count: 7304

Sales info:

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Sample text:

So you’ve decided to start an online business. That’s a big first step towards financial freedom. As an Internet entrepreneur you can escape the drudgery of the rat race and make your own destiny, bringing in a high income but enjoying a flexible schedule and ideal work/life balance.


One of your very first steps to becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur with a profitable online business is to pick a niche. Essentially, a niche is the industry you will be in and the types of products you will sell; it’s what you specialize in.

For example, Tony Robbins is in the personal development niche. Dr. Andrew Weil’s niche is natural healing and nutrition. Suze Orman is in the financial planning niche. There are thousands and thousands of niches out there.

There are people who help their customers eliminate personal debt and adopt better financial habits. Weight loss is a huge niche. You also have: tomato gardening, supplements, getting the most out of your Disney vacation, learning to play piano, the list is endless.

The key is you want to focus on one specific market that you can serve, over and over again, rather than spreading yourself too thin by trying to operate in multiple niche markets.

Not all of the niches out there make for a profitable online business. And not all will appeal to you. But in this article you’ll learn how to match one of your passions or interests in life with an Internet venture that makes money. That way work doesn’t seem like work.

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