Make money online: A Successful Step-By-Step Guide for Make Money Online Women by Gordon Dorsey

(218b) A Successful Step-By-Step Guide for Make Money Online Women

Make money online: a successful step-by-step guide for make money online women


The person who is not looking for a way to make extra money is hard to find nowadays. Every day new business ventures are revealed and new partnerships are being brokered. The author of Making Money Online" is well aware of this. 

Passive income is the new thing that everyone is talking about. How do we make more money while sitting in our chairs and working less? How do we make money that is outside our regular job? Those are the questions being asked all the time. 

Get ready to quit your job and become your own boss, make your own hours, and finally become financially independent. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and tell those creditors to go away and never come back. This book will teach you everything you need to know to achieve full financial freedom! With these proven methods you will learn everything you need to know about buying and selling new and used second-hand goods for profit. 

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: affiliate marketing, how to get rich, make money online, passive income, stock market, investing, real estate, internet marketing, affiliate marketing secrets

Word Count: 4833

Sales info:

Recently we ran a promo and were able to make 1500 sales during the promotion period. Though all sales were free downloads but it signifies that the topic has potential and is capable of making money. Paid downloads vary between 40 to 60 per month.



Minimum estimate - 30 Paid Downloads * $3.00 * 70% = $63 per month

Maximum but not limited to - 60 Paid Downloads * $3.00 * 70% = $126 per month

Annual Earnings per book - Minimum Estimate - $63 * 12 = $756 per year.

Annual Earnings per book - Max but not limited to Estimate - $126 * 12 = $1512 per year.


Please Note - This is just one book. I have over 1000+ books in my arsenal. If one book can do this much imagine how much even 10 books could do for you. Just stay committed with our business model and I assure you that we all will make money!! Lot of it!!

Sample text:

One idea that is growing in popularity and demand is that of publishing ebooks. Thanks to that increasing demand, this can be a great way to make extra money, promote your brand, and attract prospective customers. It’s a way for you to showcase your knowledge and industry experience, to have fun, and increase your name recognition.


Thanks to ebook publishing sites like Amazon and Smashwords, you can easily write and publish an ebook completely free. In exchange for a small commission of every sale, these sites will ensure that your ebook can be found in hundreds of countries and by, literally, millions of buyers. They'll also handle the formatting of your ebook -you just need to submit it in as a .dox file.


Of course, you can always outsource the writing of your book to a freelance writer, but you can just as easily write the book yourself –for free. How long your ebooks should be will depend upon the niche or genre in which you're writing. Fiction ebooks tend to be at a range between 5,000 and 20,000 words while nonfiction books tend to be more varying. Word count truly isn't as important as high value content and a good structure that breaks the information into logical and digestible sections.

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