Positive Thinking: Your Ultimate Skill to Reduce Stress, Negative Thoughts Successful Life by Denise Barone

(39) Your Ultimate Skill to Reduce Stress, Negative Thoughts Successful Life

Positive thinking: your ultimate skill to reduce stress, negative thoughts successful life


Positive thinking is the way to go, you only have to make one choice when you come to this world, and that is whether you go with positive thinking or negative thinking. Clearly positive thinking has the potential to create positive results whereas negative thinking only sinks you deeper in a hole of low self-esteem self-disbelief and self-sabotage leading down a path to self-destruction.Get Ready to learn about the strategies and discoveries made by an average working class individual in a quest to get out of depression, self sabotage, self-disbelief, and a life that was going downhill at terrible speed, and how it was turned around by simply changing the mind's negative thinking into positive thinking!

I would like to thank and congratulate you for downloading the book “Positive Thinking: The Art of Changing Your Thinking from Negative to Positive”. You are now entering an adventure of exploring your mind, turning on the positive switch inside you and dispelling any hint of negativity to achieve a better you and a happier life. 

You are in control of your own happiness, and this book will show you how to ignore the negative mindset and focus yourself daily on positive thinking!

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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A number of research studies have affirmed that positive thinking is hugely beneficial. Here are a few methods that have proven that positive thinking works – and it works so well.


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction or LoA as it is commonly referred to, is a well-known concept that states that your life is what you make it. Literally. If you think negatively, you attract negative forces into your life and thereby invite difficulties in every aspect of your life. On the other hand, positive thoughts would attract positive experiences. 

At the root of this concept is the belief that the Universe is a continuum of the mind and responds to the thoughts and actions you put forward. Hence, when you think in positive terms you meet positive results and when you think in negative terms you attract negative results.

According to Law of Attraction, all you need to do is believe in absolute terms that what you want will happen. There is no space for any negativity. This is why in the affirmation statements the first and only rule is that there should be no negation; in other words, the statements should be coined using only positive terms. This is because according to the LoA when you use negative words – even if it is for a positive statement – it will attract the negative.

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