Productivity: Best Your Productivity by Achieving a Creative Mindset by Beau Gladwell

(70b) Best Your Productivity by Achieving a Creative Mindset

Productivity: best your productivity by achieving a creative mindset


There is a time for thinking and a time for taking action. Too often, in our quest for perfection, we waste time before taking the first baby step towards a goal or project. We may avoid making mistakes by not doing anything, but procrastination itself can be a huge mistake. If you know you need to start something but can’t get yourself to do it, this program is for you.

Time-proven strategies on improving your productivity at work and becoming the star employee in your company, strategies you can apply and use immediately.

This is not a book to read once, put down and forget; it is a tool to support your wellbeing. The book contains "Tables of Random Bookmarks", which allows you, at any time, to intuitively select sections in the book from your mobile or other device. This means you can see how key points in the book are relevant to, impact on, and can positively change your daily experiences.

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Sample text:

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, a French novelist, said that she would always sort of play with her dog named Suoci whenever she doesn’t feel like writing. What she would do with her dog is to pluck fleas from Souci’s back, and she would do so for so many hours until Souci’s already groomed. But after doing that, she would cuddle with her dog as well as swat flies. It was only after then would she would start working on the things that she was writing.

As much as we want to be done with our works, there are times when we just don’t feel like doing anything. Just like Colette, we often times prefer doing something else rather than starting our work that should be finished as soon as possible. More often than not, we would say that we just do not have enough inspiration to start working. We would reason out that we are not in the mood, so we just have to relax first before we begin working. In other words, instead of starting immediately, we procrastinate instead.

Procrastination is when someone avoids his or her assigned tasks and intentionally looks for any distractions that will keep him or her away from work. It is undeniable that we procrastinate a lot—whether it is by playing with your pet or simply going online and checking some Facebook posts.

Although practically everyone procrastinates at some point in life, statistics have shown that around twenty percent of the population refers to themselves as chronic procrastinators. For these people, they consider procrastination as a daily activity, which becomes more tempting and interesting every time they have something to do. 

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