Positive Thinking: Develop a Positive Attitude and Stop Negative Thinking to Successful Life by Instaread Baldizzone

(29) Develop a Positive Attitude and Stop Negative Thinking to Successful Life

Positive thinking: develop a positive attitude and stop negative thinking to successful life


If you want to be happy and achieve happiness in your daily life you have to listen to yourself. The truth is that every person on this planet is responsible for his or her life. YOU are the one to control your thoughts and your mindset is key when it comes to self development and happiness. If this sounds a bit exaggerated to you, go convince yourself and make a change NOW! It is your choice: Do you want to adapt the lessons you will learn in this book, or do you want to keep struggling with your daily life.

Most of us grew up in an environment where it is not okay wanting something. We were taught that wanting something is selfish. We were taught that wanting something would not bring us success, but hard work will. We were conditioned to believe that we have to develop self-control, self-restraint, and self-discipline in order to achieve success. We are conditioned to believe that we have to have strong willpower and determination in order to succeed.

There are many reasons why people would rather spew on negative energy rather than share a smile to somebody else. If people nowadays would have a dollar for every frown they made, they would probably be rich.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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Both positive and negative thinking have the same origin; it all starts in the mind. Your mind has the ability to view things from a perspective where everything is going right and you feel free, or where everything is going wrong and you feel trapped. The mind is very powerful, therefore, whatever you allow it to perceive will be what you will believe until of course you change the perception.

Your thoughts are responsible for every creation that you make about yourself, objects, people and life in general. The reason why many people are not happy and are unable to achieve their goals in life is because they spend so much time thinking about their limitations and what they do not want, that this is what dominates a big part of their life. When you constantly think, speak and pay attention to what you do not want, you activate it and this is why you will find it repeatedly occurring in your life.

Have you ever had a bad day? You wake up in the morning and stub your toe, then everything that happens after that seems to go from bad to worse. With each passing moment you feel more terrible and by the end of the day all that you want to do is get into your bed and sleep. This is what negative thinking will do to you. Now let’s reverse the scenario.

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