Body Language: The Ultimate Intermediate Guide to Learn How to Analyze People by Patrick Sharp

(61b) The Ultimate Intermediate Guide to Learn How to Analyze People

Body language: the ultimate intermediate guide to learn how to analyze people


This book consists of great steps and strategies on how to develop your communication skills and use them to make more friends and persuade people.

These days companies aren’t necessarily looking for the strongest employees, or even the smartest ones but they are rather looking for people whose natural charisma allows them to easily navigate through interpersonal relationships, while also keeping their own emotions in check, which helps to ensure they are able to make the best possible choice, regardless of the situation.

Learn to translate others’ communication and feelings within a millisecond, and be empowered to use appearance for sending subliminal messages. However, be prepared. Whether you use it for gain or deceit, for better or worse, the knowledge and tools you acquire from this book will in some way affect every one of your relationships. Are you ready?

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Language: English

Keywords: Psychology, personality, relationship, body language, body language secrets, body languagetraining, how to analyze people, Influence, Communication.communication skills

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Sample text:

The trick to success is to realise that more often than not these eye access cues can be very fleeting.  The access cue can last a fraction of a second. You have to be watching very carefully to catch them.  Another thing to be aware of is that the specific access isn’t always the same in everyone.  It is wise to obtain a ‘control’ to compare against.  For instance, if you ask someone to imagine their favourite piece of music, watch the direction of their eyes as they access the sound.   You’ll know when you see that access cue again that they are accessing a sound from memory, just remember it may only last for a split second.

People that look relaxed and look directly at you tend to be honest about what they are saying.  In contrast someone that is constantly shifting their gaze as they talk is clearly uncomfortable, beware.

Eyes that are wide open tend to indicate excitement or great interest in what is being said (or in the person speaking).

Dilated pupils, indicate major attraction to something or more specifically to someone.

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