Vegan Diet: Amazing Delicious Vegan Meals (Includes Pressure Cooker Vegan Recipes) by Maria Grey

Amazing Delicious Vegan Meals (Includes Pressure Cooker Vegan Recipes)

Vegan diet: amazing delicious vegan meals (includes pressure cooker vegan recipes)


This book has  delicious vegan-friendly recipes that you can prepare using an air fryer. If you are excited about unleashing the full power of the air fryer as a vegan, this book is for you! It has lots of delicious recipes that you can prepare with a lot of ease. In the book, you will also understand the benefits of air frying, how air frying works and tips that will help you to make air frying easy and fun as a vegan.

If you find yourself in any of this, please read on, because we truly offer a solution. It’s not about wanting to look like a model, wanting to be something you’re not. It’s not about other people telling you what size to fit in, it’s not about a number defining you. It’s not about feeling sorry for yourself when you can’t put on that dress you imagined to wear on your wedding day since you were sixteen.

This is a unique guide to a plant based lifestyle and weight loss. If you ever wanted to switch to a vegetarian diet, this is the right time and the right guide. It's good for you, good for your body and good for the planet!

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Sample text:

I have decided to start this book with something light and essential for our stomach. Light vegetable soups are the best option for everyday use to hold our stomach in perfect condition for the long run.

Spring zucchini soup with avocado, celery, basil and lemon juice

This light spring vegetable soup with zucchini and avocado will help regain your strengths. It is perfect for children, as well as for starting a supper after a long day!

If you like, you can add more herbs and aroma spices or even sprinkle with chili. Lemon juice will add some liveliness. Also if you want the soup to become more tasty and nutritious, serve it with delicious paste-like coconut cream and whole wheat bread!


Completion: 25 min

Prep time: 10 min

Cooking time: 10 min

Servings: 2



30 oz of sliced zucchini

1 avocado

1 onion

2 cups of basil leaves

1 large sliced leek
3 chopped celery stalks
4 chopped cloves of garlic
5 cups of water or vegetable broth

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 lemon

salt and pepper

fresh basil leaves

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