Meditation: Beginners Guide To Meditate And Reduce Stress (Achieve Peace And Spirituality) by Eric Kerner

Beginners Guide To Meditate And Reduce Stress (Achieve Peace And Spirituality)

Meditation: beginners guide to meditate and reduce stress (achieve peace and spirituality)


The life we live today often times presents us with extremely nervous and stressful situations. However normal it is to experience a certain amount of fear, tension, and anxiety in certain situations, if these feelings persist after the stressful situation has passed, it becomes a cause for concern. The continued feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and tension often results in depression and chronic stress, which if not properly and promptly managed, can greatly affect your mental, emotional and physical well being.

That can have adverse effects on our health. We find ourselves being busy such that we cannot meditate. However, meditation is a vital practice which can help to keep your mind calmer and more focused. It doesn’t have to complex things, but just taking some time to make deeper breaths can assist in relieving stress and depression. After reading this guide, you will know the techniques which can help be successful in meditation.

With the increase in demands in our modern life, most people are finding themselves being overworked and stressed. One feels that they don’t have enough time in the day to do that they are supposed or expected to do. With stress, we feel impatient and frustrated.

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Sample text:

Meditation is experiential!  I can talk for days and days and years and years about this “thing” called meditation and what it is and what it is not.  But the most important thing about meditation is that it is an “experience” that you personally have yourself; and that only you can know what it means for you.

So, this class/book is structured so that not only am I giving you left-brain information so you can convince yourself that meditation might be valuable for you to explore and practice.  But the class/book is structured, most importantly, so that you have the “experience.”

I am well aware that we all have “lives.”  Not that we are “alive,” that’s obvious, but that we have “lives” and that life can be complicated.  Not can be complicated – it is complicated.  And the fact that you are even able and willing to shoehorn in this time to be in this class (or read this book) I know is not an easy thing.

And so, too, a lot of people say, “How can I squeeze in the time to meditate when I don’t have enough time in the day already?  How am I going to eek out or fit in another five or ten minutes where I can do this – and I don’t fall asleep or other things happen and I get disturbed or whatever.”

I understand that, and so I teach the class with that in mind, both to help you to learn what are called “On the Go Meditations,” practices that you can even do in the car with your eyes open!  Practices you can do in the middle of meetings or in any number of settings where you can slow down and find your “Center” even for a minute, though three minutes is best.  Later on, I’m going to explain to you why three minutes is best.  Actually, five minutes is even better.

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