Productivity: A Ultimate Guide to Living a Productive Life by Kathryn Guessmann

(79b) A Ultimate Guide to Living a Productive Life

Productivity: a ultimate guide to living a productive life


This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to conquer procrastination, become self-disciplined, improve time management, and boost your productivity. 
This book attacks the problems of creating self-discipline and ending the habit of putting things off on two fronts. 

The goal of this book is to change your mindset and encourage you to implement several simple productivity tools that will allow you to do more work in a day than the majority of people can do in a week — while working less hours and having more fun.

This supportive management concept is guided by four key words.
These four words that determine the effectiveness of an organization include: confidence, risk, action and results. Productivity, quality, and harmony in a work environment are ultimately determined by the level of understanding and the sincerity of application of these words. When leaders and workers understand and apply these words, conflict is eliminated and productivity is maximized.

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Sample text:

The final exercise in this book will be a rather interesting one. This exercise is about discovering the true transformations that you want to make in your life. So here’s what I want you to do. Take out a new sheet of paper and first write down three people that you absolutely don’t like. It could be someone you know personally, or not. Then, write down three people who you have the most admiration for. 

At this point you should have six names on the paper in front of you. Now, next to the names of people that you don’t like, write down three specific qualities that you don’t like about them. Next to the three people who you really admire, I want you to write down ONE mutual quality that you like the most in all three of these individuals. 

What this exercise should give you is three things that you actually don’t like about yourself that you tend to ignore most of the time. You should also have one quality that you have the greatest potential for developing in yourself. I suggest that you make it one of your top priorities to eliminate the three qualities about yourself that you don’t like, and to develop that single great quality that you love and have huge potential for. Make it your purpose to eliminate those three bad qualities from showing their faces in everything you will ever do in life, and try to inject the positive quality as much as possible instead.   

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