Vegan Diet: 40+ Vegan Recipes To Stay Youthful And Fit (Build Muscle Without Exercise) by Sohail Darrow

40+ Vegan Recipes To Stay Youthful And Fit (Build Muscle Without Exercise)

Vegan diet: 40+ vegan recipes to stay youthful and fit (build muscle without exercise)


The United States is one of the sickest nations on the planet. Despite our wealth, access to educational media, natural resources, and opportunity, most Americans accept atherosclerosis, cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other degenerative chronic diseases as part of the normal aging process. Unfortunately, even our traditional "modern medicine" practitioners believe this misguided and bleak picture out of ignorance.

Many people who would like to try veganism for environmental or ethical reasons are put off by the thought of a meat-free diet being unhealthy and nutritionally inadequate. However, this is a very long way from the truth, and turning vegan can bring a whole host of health benefits with it, ranging from the minor to the potentially life-saving. This is true for people at any stage of life from childhood to old age, and also for pregnant women and even elite athletes. In Julian's book he covers this focus entirely. You need to have a copy of Vegan Diet Tips.

vegan readers don't have to question how wholesome their healthy food really is or how they'll add sufficient protein to their diet. The Daily Vegan Planner pairs twelve weeks of meal plans with journaling space to help new vegans follow a clear-cut strategy as they transition into their new lifesty.

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People who eat lots of fruits and vegetables are proven to live longer than those who love eating different types of food which contain animal fat. Animal-based food products can really clog the body’s arteries, make you gain weight and even providing you with less energy. The benefits of going vegan go beyond your own health. For some people, going vegan is simply not for health reasons but for environmental reasons as well. Eating fruits and vegetables can lessen industrial farms, which can in turn lessen the number of polluted rivers and lands. Aside from that, you will save much more money if you buy plant-based ingredients instead of using meat and dairy products, as they are a lot cheaper.


Many people are afraid to go on the vegan diet because of the notion that vegan recipes are not delicious because of their lack of flavor. On the contrary, though, it is so much easier to go vegan these days, as there are a lot of absolutely delicious vegan recipes available—from smoothies to salads to entrees to desserts—that you won’t even realize they are vegan. So, instead of thinking of reasons as to why you should go on a vegan diet, what you should think about is why you haven’t gone vegan.

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