Time Management: Simple management tips on working smarter by Cassandra Conner

How to Manage Time and Achieve More in Life

Time management: simple management tips on working smarter


This book shows how to do just that, drawing on real-life examples and the best of both classical and cutting-edge psychological and behavioural thinking. Each chapter contains models, tools and tips that have been used effectively in some of the world's biggest organisations, and which will allow you to set your strategy, raise your productivity and create meaningful change for lasting success.

Be Organized - Being organized and structured may be the very first move to dealing with your time in a better way. Have your month-to-month calendar chalked out well ahead of the time and use a proper schedule. Consistently maintain an organizer on hand and program your duties accordingly. Prioritize the jobs at hand. Create a checklist of items to do each and every day and jot down all activities regardless of their size. Make a log book to keep track of your actions and evaluate this log book each and every seven days to discover the exercises which are wasting your time.

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It’s been said that a goal without a deadline is just a dream – and this can be applied to Time Management as well. You might tell yourself that you need to finish your paper on Economics but unless you place a deadline on that paper, you’ll never going to start putting words to paper. This is why it’s a good idea to quantify your goals. How many hours do you need to get something done? When should you start and when should you stop? When should the paper be ready?

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