Productivity: Techniques on How to Faster and Improve Productivity by Robert Knight

(105b) Techniques on How to Faster and Improve Productivity

Productivity: techniques on how to faster and improve productivity


Are you ready to start taking full advantage of that fresh start you have been blessed with? Are you ready to transform your life, unlock your incredible potential and accomplish your goals faster than ever before.

This book may not do the impossible of adding more actual hours to the day, but it will get you thinking about ways that you can make small changes in your time management and organizational system to see big changes in your productivity/efficiency. 

Even if you use the simplest tips I have provided in this book, you will realize that any task you thought had been progressing turtle speed before, will move forward faster and to more fruitful ends.
This book is mainly related to time management skills as applied to business, however most points I have made are helpful to rearrange your personal life as well so you can get more out of life.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.




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Sample text:

Time management can be a daunting task for those with multiple roles and responsibilities. For employees, workers, and everyone else who have fixed schedules such as a 9 to 5 job, it’s easier to set boundaries and clearly identify what parts of the day and week are meant for their personal or home life. For entrepreneurs, artists, full-time parents, or anyone without a set schedule, it can be a challenge to achieve work-life balance without sacrificing aspects of their work.

One way to approach this concern is to view “time” as only one half of a whole. That other half is dedicated to “roles”. Some people have a fixed role during a fixed time slot. One fitting example for this is an employee: at 8 am every weekday, Jenny drives to her office and leaves her role as wife and mother behind in the meantime. By 9 am, Jenny is a department head of a corporation, and she is fully engrossed in her work, always delivering amazing results for the company. By 5pm, Jenny caps the work day tired yet fulfilled, and goes back home to her family. She then resumes her role as mother and wife, among her other roles. On Saturdays, she is yogi Jenny, friend and shopping buddy Jenny, and blogger Jenny. On Sundays, she is churchgoer Jenny, daughter Jenny, etc. Overall, Jenny finds it easy to distinguish what role she should play, on specific days of the week, as well as on set hours every day.

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