Meditation: Meditation Techniques To Achieve Zen State And Activate Chakras (Mindfulness Techniques) by Laura Gobble

Meditation Techniques To Achieve Zen State And Activate Chakras (Mindfulness Techniques)

Meditation: meditation techniques to achieve zen state and activate chakras (mindfulness techniques)


 body, and spirit from all kinds of stress. Although a lot of people have already heard about it, many of them actually have misconceptions regarding meditation. In fact, there’s more to it than just simply sitting in one corner of the room and it’s quite difficult to tell how rewarding it can be unless one experiences it for himself. As you go through this book, you’ll learn how to meditate the right way to be at peace with yourself and with your life. 

we feel as though stopping will inhibit our success or prevent our productivity. But meditation is the answer; meditation gives you more time, it gives you peace and focus, it clams your mind. Even the simplest 10-15 minute breathing meditation can help you find your inner peace, calm your mind and relieve you from all stress that has built up through your day. 

It is important to understand that meditation is a tool that help is achieving a desired result. It is not a substitute for necessary and appropriate steps to your goal. For example, one would not get a driver license by thinking or ‘meditating’ about a car. You must take driver’s education, read the rules of the road, pass the written test and satisfy an examiner that you know how to operate the vehicle. 

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Sample text:

The most common and widespread meditation technique is breathing meditation. Through this meditation, the individual learns to release control of their breathing whilst still being mindful of the breathing process. As your body inhales and exhales of its own accord, gradually your body and mind will loosen and relax. When the meditation has finished, you will feel renewed and replenished.


To start this meditation, first place yourself in your designated meditation location and posture (for guidance on this topic, refer to chapter 2). Next, whilst breathing through your nose, focus on the sensation of the breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils.


Do not attempt to control the breath; let it flow naturally. If you find that your mind in flooded with stray thoughts and daydreams, bring your attention back to the sensation of the breath as it enters and exits your nostrils.


It is important to not allow yourself to become frustrated if you find yourself constantly distracted. Meditation is the entire process of training your mind to relax and empty – not just the final result. Even if it feels like a particular session of breathing meditation has been fruitless, it is the repeat process of learning to direct your attention and empty your mind that will lead to relaxation.


As you continue to practice, you will refine your ability to apply attention to the breath and will be able to find that those moments of inner stillness and peace come easier.


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