Meditation: Mindfulness Techniques To Remove Depression (Reduce Stress And Anxiety in Life) by Prasanna Lowe

Mindfulness Techniques To Remove Depression (Reduce Stress And Anxiety in Life)

Meditation: mindfulness techniques to remove depression (reduce stress and anxiety in life)


Meditation is a simple practice to know your true authentic self. In the book, you will find different ways of meditation that can help you to move deeper within the self, and experience the truth of the self.

The practice of meditation is altogether reversing a wheel of karma, and thus the one who initiates into the practice of meditation begins his journey of life towards a new perception. You don’t acquire anything new; rather you drop all the accumulated stuff of your mind.

Being able to tune the world out and enter a deep realm of self-reflection is a vital skill to have if you want to find inner peace. To be able to clear your mind and focus on positivity is an amazing thing to learn. I remember my life before I started meditating and the main thing that I lacked was a sense of direction and clarity. I now meditate twice a day and it’s completely revolutionized my life.

In the beginning, making meditation a habit will seem troublesome and maybe even awkward. After you’ve done it for a few days though, I guarantee you will be totally addicted.

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Meditation is a conscious mechanism by which a person can enter a trance state. Trance states are natural and more common than one may think with human beings. For example, have you ever found yourself at work or at home so enthralled and into your work or play that time seems to pass more quickly than seems possible?

While sometimes work can seem to be drudgery, when you’re in that “zone,” time flies and everything seems to go much more smoothly. It’s not an auto-pilot thing, because you’re obviously very much in control and even seem more capable in the situations which are presented to you.

What’s happened here? Obviously, you were in full control the whole time, but you “zoned out” on what you were doing to the point where otherwise obvious surroundings aren’t even noticed. This is an example of a trance state. Your mind is aware, you are in control, but you’ve become so focused on something that everything else seems to simply melt away in favor of your object of focus.

Religious and spiritual institutions have long included this phenomenon. During prayer and meditation, it is actually visible through use of an FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) that different areas in the brain are lit up in ways they otherwise wouldn’t be. In fact, prayer itself is a form of meditation.

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