Productivity: A Practical Guide to Build Confidence, Improve Productivity by Cole Anderson

(44b) A Practical Guide to Build Confidence, Improve Productivity

Productivity: a practical guide to build confidence, improve productivity


The human brain is a spectacular creation that can perform wonders provided we use it in the right manner. Do you know what differentiates legends from normal successful people? The legends make the best of their minds and bodies. If you know how to become maximally productive, you can also do everything you admire in others. The good news is you can easily do that by forming some good habits that replace your existing unhealthy ones that make you unproductive and inefficient.

This book is not a read-once-and-done kind of book. It’s a resource. It is designed to be used throughout your life. Return to it whenever you are facing a major life problem or feel a lack of motivation. These  motivational quotes are organized so that each chapter targets a specific need or problem of yours, so it is easy to navigate. Each chapter also contains action steps you can take to help you implement these wise quotes into your life.

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Sample text:

What does this mean? Simply that it there's no point being 'half productive' and that you should either be 'on' or 'off'. 

Let's say that you have a big project – perhaps you're planning a wedding. Now the temptation would be to spend every last-minute planning that wedding, to the point where your evenings would be spent absent mindedly browsing through venues or flowers. 


Actually though, you'd be far better off giving yourself some time off from time to time. Why? Because that way you would be able to regain your energy lost during the working periods. By having an evening or two off a week when your energy is low, you'll actually be more productive on the other days. 


So, walk when your energy is high and sit when it's low. Don't force yourself to wobble when your body says no! 


Likewise, you should try to avoid putting any important activities at 4pm. Similarly, we know we have more cortisol and energy in the morning, but it takes a while for that sleep inertia to wear off. A good time to do something productive then would be an hour or two after waking up. Maybe this is a good time to close those open loops? 


Remember, we're all different: so, take some time out to map out your energy ebbs and flows. Ask yourself every couple of hours throughout the day how your energy is holding up. Overtime you should learn to accurately predict where your energy will be at any given time. 


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