Productivity: A Practical Guide on Productivity, Building Efficient by Brian Holmes

(13b) A Practical Guide on Productivity, Building Efficient

Productivity: a practical guide on productivity, building efficient


Anyone privileged with the choice of how they spend their time is cursed with a common balance. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or even stay at home parent, dividing your free time between productivity and personal time can be difficult.

I have, where possible, focused on apps that are free to use as there are some amazing resources out there available at no cost. The paid ones that I've included are worth every penny, and there are usually a free trial for them. 

Working at home, or telecommuting, calls for more self-discipline. Unlike working in an office where the course for the day is already set out for you, working from home has some unique distractions. Sometimes, the weather’s calling you to go outside, or your kids are asking for more playtime. Perhaps your friend calls and wants to head out shopping. These interruptions, I think, are the prime challenges for anyone who works from home.

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Sample text:

Procrastinating is one of the worst habits a productive person can develop.  Everyone has a reason for why they put things off, but in the end, it’s all the same.  We’ve procrastinated and now we’re forced to complete that task in record time.  If only we had thought of this when we first knew it had to be done…

Enjoying life isn’t necessarily about having free time and being great at everything.  It’s about disciplinng yourself and making it a point to improve on your weak points.  Some people are content with the way they are.  Good for them.  For the most part, I realize that I’m not content with putting aside things that need to be done until I’m so stressed I want to pull my hair out.

In order to enjoy your life as being motivated and productive, you must learn to put the procrastination habit on the shelf and leave it there to rot.  It’s not easy.  If you’re used to putting aside tasks until you feel like doing them, making yourself do them right away is going to feel uncomfortable for a while.  Once you get into the habit, you will find that you enjoy being productive and laugh at yourself for the times when you would procrastinate it.

Not only will you enjoy being productive and managing your time well, but others will notice the difference in you.  You will find that you’re more relaxed and not feel pressured by large amounts of work.  It will all come with time.  You’re not going to be able to change years of habits overnight.

Just remember, procrastination leads to stress, and stress leads to a less enjoyable life.  Just because you’re intimidated by the list of tasks before you, don’t make the situation worse by procrastinating them.  Take some of the tips that I’ve mentioned and make yourself face your struggle head on.

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