Productivity: Increase Day to Day Productivity in Your Life by Steven Bennis

(31b) Increase Day to Day Productivity in Your Life

Productivity: increase day to day productivity in your life


This book not only provides you with habits to grow your business, but also, provides you with actionable steps in order to kick-start these habits. After reading 25 Productivity Hacks for Restaurant Owners and Operators", you'll never think of productivity the same way again.

Think of it like a plane, when you are flying at a low altitude the wind is going to cause a lot of turbulence and it will feel like the plane is going to crash because the “road” is so bumpy… but if you just go up higher, then the turbulence stops and you have a smooth flight. 

These days we are bombarded with way too much information and it can be near impossible to get the things done that we want to achieve. Our focus is being attacked by social media, smart phones, television, and more. And while most people have dreams and goals, the actual chance of them mustering the focus and dedication to achieve these things is very small.

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If there is one phrase that would describe the best way to help maintain a high level of focus it would be the title for this chapter; “Just one thing at a time.”

 As much as the word “multitasking” seems to be a mainstay in the lexicon of business these days. The image of the high level exec, performing seven different job related tasks simultaneously, while also helping his son do his math homework via skype, is a fairy tale. At least, the image of him successfully doing so is a fairy tale. And the reason is that several high level studies that prove multitasking is not only, non-productive; it is in fact counterproductive. The brain, as great as it is, simply does not work that way. Here’s a quick experiment; get a mental picture of your car; okay, got that? Good. Now, simultaneously get a mental picture of an airplane. You can’t do it. You can very quickly visualize one, and then the other; but at the same time? Nope, not going to happen.  So if the greatest computer ever created can’t perform a simple demonstration of multitasking, why do we continuously try to do it? (It’s rhetorical. I’m not going to answer.)

I’m sure you’ve had days where you intended to accomplish four tasks, started all four at about the same time, and ended the day with one or maybe even none of them actually completed. I know I have had my more than my share of similar days.

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