Productivity: The Ultimate Time Management Guide with Techniques by Jeaneth Risher

(217b) The Ultimate Time Management Guide with Techniques

Productivity: the ultimate time management guide with techniques


The highest level of productivity is like a triangle where all sides support each other. High productivity requires your mind, body, and emotions to work together in a triangular fashion. Every time one of those three elements is out of place, a significant drop-off in productivity will occur. Therefore, you must calibrate each one of those elements for optimal performance.

Did you know that most people restrain themselves from performing anywhere near as well as their minds and bodies were naturally designed to perform? Most people believe that productivity is all about prioritizing your tasks throughout the day, but in reality there is a lot more to it than that.

In this book, you will also get to know the different habits that you need to adapt in order to maintain a wonderfully organized lifestyle. It will show you a fast and easy step by step procedure on how to get rid of the junk from your home, organize your belongings, improve your surroundings, and manage your time.

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Goals are important to productivity. Having goals increases a person's level of performance. It serves as motivation and allows a person to credit themselves with satisfaction from their performance. A person can use their goals to determine if they are successful. Goals help to direct your efforts. They can be used to increase your performance, especially if a goal in to increase your output. A goal can be used to motivate a person through obstacles. They can also drive a person to change their bad habits. 


Effective goal setting requires using SMART goals.  SMART stands for Specific, Measureable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time Related. This means that you have be detailed about what you want to achieve. Avoid being vague, or you may achieve your goal without really doing any favors. Make sure that your goal can be measured for success. Find out who the goal can be assigned to, or who is needed to complete your goal. It can be easy to make goals unrealistic. These are dreams, not goals. Finally, every goal needs to have a deadline. 

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