Positive Thinking: You Boost Confidence, Gain Strength and Achieve Your Goals by Wayne Church

(43) You Boost Confidence, Gain Strength and Achieve Your Goals

Positive thinking: you boost confidence, gain strength and achieve your goals


Many people believe that the trend for being positive or optimism is a relatively new phenomenon, one that accompanies the New Age-based beliefs and tenets of the 21st century. However, the truth is that positive thinking has been around for much longer than that. From a certain perspective, one can even argue that it is deeply-rooted in mankind’s oldest instinct, which is to survive and to thrive.

control your life and be aware of negative behavior and patterns which you might not even realize you have which will stop your progression or hold you back from achieving your true potential. Overcome negative patterns and change them into positive ones that will benefit and fuel you to change your beliefs and drive you to greater heights in life by strengthening your character. 

From this book, you'll find unique positive thinking quotes that can last you for a whole year if you were to read or listen to one a day. Make it your go-to inspirational resource to start or end your day on a positive note or whenever you need to bring an immediate change to your thought process. Harness the power of positive thinking today and empower your mind to blast through obstacles with one of the greatest inspirational quotes books.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.

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Sample text:

Sometimes it is difficult to focus on solving a particular challenge when your mind is bombarded with different things. Just as fast as you decide to focus on a task that your mind betrays you and your thoughts fly away. This gives you a feeling of defeat because your mind cannot seem to control all these thoughts floating around your head which then leads to pessimism.

Take charge of your mind by knowing your own style in overcoming challenges. If you are a person who needs music to concentrate, go ahead and turn up the volume. On the other hand, if the music is a distraction, then make sure that you work in an environment that is peaceful and would free your mind from any outside noise. You can also try to double-check your routine and behavior. You know that having social media up in your browser while trying to do some work would only tempt you to check your feed and totally divert your attention from your goal. If this is the case, then make sure to log out of all your social media applications while you are working.

In addition to this, technology has been the biggest distraction in achieving a certain goal. It has the power to sidetrack you no matter how great your resolve is in accomplishing a task

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