Productivity: Learn Easy Techniques How to Improve Your Productivity by Pritimoy Ringel

(81b) Learn Easy Techniques How to Improve Your Productivity

Productivity: learn easy techniques how to improve your productivity


A great way to start becoming productive is to be organized. One strategy to getting more work done in the day is to have a calendar. If you don't have specific slots for things you're going to do on a daily basis then it's going to be much harder for you to get things done.


Procrastinating on that work project which the company needs for clinching the million dollar deal is definitely very much different from procrastinating on getting that anniversary gift for the significant other.

Focus is the most essential factor that will decide whether your dreams become a reality or not. According to what your dreams are, there are a lot of waters to cross. Quite a few hurdles look quite formidable, and plenty of folks give up at the first sign of a setback. Focus helps you put your act together. It helps you mobilize your resources and channel them in one direction. 

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You'll probably find you sometimes end up as the butt of working from home jokes. People who have never experienced what it's like to be a home-worker tend to assume it comprises sitting around all day doing nothing or that your work is somehow less urgent than a traditional workload. Of course, you know that this isn't true, but these kinds of little jokes and can take their toll. They can make you feel as if you are not being taken as seriously as you should be. Worse yet, there are even situations when working from home can have a detrimental effect on your wages, benefits, and bonuses.


It is a common misconception that working from home can negatively affect your potential for promotion or career development. In fact, people who work from home tend to earn more, on average, than employees who have never worked outside the main office or workplace. The latest studies show that the higher your position within a company, the more likely you are to spend time working at home. Nevertheless, there is an unfortunate stigma attached to those who work from home, since employers or clients are unable to observe and supervise their productivity, being forced to rely solely on results and communication to determine the employee’s efficiency and professionalism. The solution? Ensure that every interaction with clients, colleagues, and employers is professional and appropriately formal - whether by phone, email, written communication, webcam, or in person.

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