Body Language: Your Secret Language for Personal Success and Maximizing by John Rudametkin

(40b) Your Secret Language for Personal Success and Maximizing

Body language: your secret language for personal success and maximizing


This book is the basics of body language-- body language 101 and can give you the edge you need in communication skills and help you on the road to body language mastery. Believe me, body language master the art of nonverbal communication is a fundamental skill to know even in today's electronic world!

people who know how to accurately read body language success in business and in life, and those who don't, fail. Its as simple as that. If you can accurately interpret body language, you can gain an edge in any situation, and this book will teach you how to do just that. 

It will show you how a better understanding of the unconscious language can give you the leverage that you need in daily life situations. With this book, you can make accurate analysis of what drives other people when they do the things they do, simply by reading what their unconscious gestures are trying to say.

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Sample text:

Reread the last section. Everything  I told you not to do when lying is stuff you need to look out for when you suspect someone else is lying to you.

Here are some additional items to look out for:

         Body motions that appear mechanical and stiff. Trained liars are going to make every attempt possible to avoid giving away their lies through their body language. This may mean they force their body to do something other than what it wants to do through instinct. Watch for actions and motions that appear unnatural and forced.

         Watch for lack of hand and arm movement in those who normally emphasize everything with exaggerated movement. Watch for over-exaggerated movements in those who normally don't move their hands much.

         Pay attention to how much eye contact the person makes during normal conversation, then watch for changes in the level of eye contact. People who normally make a lot of eye contact tend to avoid eye contact when lying, while people who don't make much eye contact normally may try to make more eye contact to try to emphasize their lies.

         Don't just watch for hands that touch the mouth, although that's a telling sign. Watch for the person to touch other parts of their head as well. Look for nose scratching, eyebrow touches and ear touches as well.

         A person who touches their chest with an open hand probably isn't lying—unless they've been trained to do so.

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