Body Language: How to understand and Attract a man using the Right by Nicholas Steele

(48b) How to understand and Attract a man using the Right

Body language: how to  understand and attract a man using the right


This book will discuss what it means to be an alpha and what makes them winners in whatever they do. It is a description of their characteristics and traits and how they impact others through nonverbal communication--from how they walk, stand, hold their hands, head movements, and facial expressions to what each of their movements means.

When people around you make gestures either to one another or on their own, do you get angry and perhaps frustrated at not being able to understand them? Do you feel lost in all this.

This easy self-help guide will aid you to implement impactful social-psychological techniques which go beyond mere words and gain intimate access and understanding to what the people around you are really thinking! You will understand what is causing people to say what they are saying, and more importantly,

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: Psychology, personality, relationship, body language, body language secrets, how to analyze people, Influence, Communication.communication skills

Word Count: 5582

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Sample text:

The practice of body language is not only seen in the workplace but also in the dating zone. As mentioned in the previous chapter, knowing how to read body language can actually improve your dating life since it allows you to read what the women are thinking. A simple movement can suggest what your date is thinking. For instance, the sign of disbelief can be indicated through their gaze or through the touch or her ear or scratching of the chin. Most of the time, her gaze will also be in another location and her eyes will wander. In terms of boredom, simply tilting the head can show that she is uninterested with your topic. Since you can tell that she is uninterested, you can then shift your topic to an interesting one.

Another reason why you need to learn how body language works in dating is because you will be able to handle each situation differently and you will be able to utilize it in order to mimic her body language. Most women often use hidden meanings when they are angry or uninterested. Women use the silent treatment when they feel offended and they will use words like “fine” or “ok” just to convey that they are relaxed, when in reality they’re just being sarcastic. Since you do not know exactly what is on her mind, you might have a hard time deciphering her current emotion. Hence, you need to rely on body language in order to know exactly what she is feeling. If she says that she is fine and then she pouts while at the same time she crosses her arms then that means that she is furious at you, and you need to do something to control the situation.

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