Productivity: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Faster, Improve Your Habit Achieve Goals by Michael Stone

(21b) The Ultimate Guide to Learn Faster, Improve Your Habit Achieve Goals

Productivity: the ultimate guide to learn faster, improve your habit achieve goals


This book will help you get started on your self-discipline journey. It will give you all of the information that you need to assess and improve your self-discipline as well as cover all of the elements required for greater self-discipline. It is easy to follow and ensures that you have the tools needed to meet your goals.

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities that take up a lot of time. Knowing when and where to channel your time will not only improve your productivity, it will also help you avoid the burn out that comes from being overworked. In this book, you will find steps to help you better manage time and improve your productivity. 

These people used simple and practical methods that help them to achieve their goals faster. They engaged in certain habits to be more efficient, and consequently open doors to great opportunities and live life to the fullest. These secrets are called productivity hacks, which are useful tools in helping you complete tasks with less effort and time. 

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Sample text:

When it comes to fostering your productivity, you must be able to implement both positive and negative reinforcement. 

Positive reinforcement involves rewarding yourself from time to time whenever you feel you have made enough and comprehensible progress. You must be able to measure the progress and understand that you are not procrastinating tasks anymore or at least to the extent that you once used to. The reward can be anything like a nice meal at a fancy restaurant or some nice clothing you’ve been eyeing. The value of the reward must be in proportion to the progress. In other words, big progress earns a big reward while little progress earns a small reward. 

Negative reinforcement should be the opposite. If you feel that you are not making any progress and still procrastinate as usual, then you must try and deny yourself something that you are fond of. It can be an item of food like chocolates or even a perfume that you love wearing. Once you use it as a prize, you will be motivated to work harder to win the item back. Once you make progress, you can reward yourself with the item that you withheld.

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