Productivity: Techniques to Develop Good Habits to Increase Success and Productivity by Joyce Adams

(61b) Techniques to Develop Good Habits to Increase Success and Productivity

Productivity: techniques to develop good habits to increase success and productivity


Being an entrepreneur can be challenging especially in a world where so many distractions exist. It can get to a point where you are doing everything but not succeeding in any of them. If you cannot manage your time well, it would be almost impossible to succeed in anything you do. Let’s face it, your success as an entrepreneur will be largely dependent on how you can allocate the resources at your disposal among the competing uses.

Business success is built on understanding the six characteristics of high functioning teams, recognize and overcome the five dysfunctions of a team and how to transform your organization’s teams.

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Sample text:

Having good posture actually has several benefits for you and your productivity. Sitting up straight allows your lungs to fill to their full capacity, so more oxygen flows through your body faster. Oxygen keeps our brains working, keeps us alert, and keeps us focused on the task at hand. Getting a full breath of air can be like drinking water after a long run. We often don’t notice that we aren’t taking full breaths until we are so oxygen deprived that we are almost falling asleep. Then when we take a deep breath of air, we instantly wake up and feel more energized.

Your body indicates to your brain how to feel and respond. For example, sitting up straight with a smile sends signals to your brain that you are happy (obviously!), and slouching with a frown tells your brain that you are upset. In response, your brain releases the appropriate neurotransmitters (named in the Introduction) to create that feeling of happiness, sadness, or another emotion.Have you ever heard anyone say that if you just smile, you will automatically feel happier? This is because every time you force yourself to truly smile, even if you’re not feeling happy, your brain releases serotonin and dopamine, the chemicals responsible for the feeling of happiness.

Now that you know the science behind how your body affects your mood, you are ready to start implementing it.

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