Positive Thinking: Change Your Thinking and How to Positive Thinking Can Benefit by Paul Maisel

(52) Change Your Thinking and How to Positive Thinking Can Benefit

Positive thinking: change your thinking and how to positive thinking can benefit


I want to help to change your mindset. I want to help change the way that you look at yourself. I want to help change the way that you deal with situations. All of this is possible! It might take some time, because if your mind has grown used to thinking one way, then it tends to resent being pushed in a new direction. Once you have attuned your mind to positive thinking, once you have taken control of your direction, once you are creating forward momentum in your life, then who knows how far you can travel or what you will achieve.

The human brain is an amazing thing. Ever heard about the power of suggestion? You can teach your brain to change how it processes thought and react to what's going around you. And that's where Positive Thinking

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Keywords: positive thinking, happiness, self esteem, confidence, marriage, divorce, overcome shyness, fear, stress, Spiritual habits, bad habits, success, power, procrastinatio, self discipline, Successful, Mindset, habit stacking, potential, Focus, Pareto Principle, grit, discipline, productivity

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Sample text:

God restores everything. When I submit the broken pieces of my life to Him, He restores me to a beauty far more than what I prayed for.


I trust my intuition. I am the only one who can judge for myself what is good for me.


I am favoured. I am a blessing magnet.


I am loved and taken care of. 


I am a grateful individual. There is so much to be thankful for in my life.


I am contented. What I have at the moment is sufficient for what I need.


Happiness is a decision. It is a choice I have to make for myself.


I will not limit myself from undertaking what gives me happiness for as long as I know that I am not stepping on somebody else’s shoes.


I am a continuous work of progress. I am constantly improving myself to become a better person.


Life is more fun when I share my talents, knowledge and time with others.


I honor my word. When I say something, I make it a point to fulfil what I have said.

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