Positive Thinking: How to Incorporate Positive Thinking and Improve Self-Esteem & More Confidence by David Lory

(55) How to Incorporate Positive Thinking and Improve Self-Esteem & More Confidence

Positive thinking: how to incorporate positive thinking and improve self-esteem & more confidence


The way we think about ourselves and our lives play a very crucial role in whether we achieve success or not. Think negative thoughts and we will set ourselves to defeat, but think positive thoughts and we can overcome every hurdle that comes our way. The images we set in our minds serve as a blueprint of what will happen in our lives.

 After that cheerful introduction, the only way that I can respond is to introduce my positive thinking book. Inside it I delve into the 7 hurdles to positive thinking and how to deal with them. The main purpose of this book is to help you to deal with you and your mind. The mind can be a wonderful thing, but left to its own devices it can play havoc with your life.

Have you ever failed and thought that this is it? Have you ever failed and thought I'm never going to be happy again? Have you ever failed...and just given up? This is normal practice for a lot of people and the reality is if you do not do anything to overcome this way of thinking then you will constantly feel like this. Through this book you will discover the 'feel good' thinking that should be used in the moments of life which seem unfavourable and help you to overcome those moments anytime they arise.

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Sample text:

So now all you have to do is to get this person to use oral hygiene and the problem-solving effort gets renewed, right?


But if your “self belief” is low and does not allow you to think that persuading this person will work, the problem will remain and positive thinking stops.

This example is purposefully light-hearted but it illustrates an important point, which is:

What you believe about yourself drives every single decision you make.

Let’s explore some options for persuasion (this list is not complete):

Ask someone to do something
Offer information that relates to their decision so they make an informed decision
Demand cooperation

Now these options are not all options available. This list is kept to a minimum to illustrate simplicity because simple approaches work in most situations. Not every conversation between people is a psychological or social experiment. But every conversation between people is an opportunity for clear communication. It boils down to two people cooperating, which is a whole new book in itself. So let’s stay focused and look at option three and move up the list of choices.

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