Productivity: Powerful Habits That Will Change Your Life by Robert Stevens

(86b) Powerful Habits That Will Change Your Life

Productivity: powerful habits that will change your life


Most people think that to-do lists turn us into an ultra-productive machine – yet funnily enough next thing you know the day is wrapping up and you’ve only crossed a few basics tasks off of your to-do list leaving you feeling frustrated.


Procrastination is not bad if you do it a few times and it does not affect your productivity. However, when you start living from paycheck to paycheck, have no savings and a lot of debt even though you are in a line of work that has a lot of earning potential, you need to do something about your procrastination habits.

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 This principle says, “Don’t do big—just do.” In other words, do big things while they are still small. I learned this one from Wayne Dyer, and he would say to never attempt to do something big—just do what’s next. The goal is to do big things while they are still small, and I found out I can do small things every day. When you do a little bit every day, one day it will add up to something big.

I would think about the big thing I wanted to do and would overlook getting started with the little things that would have eventually resulted in the completion of the big thing. But I learned when I was selling yellow pages that it was easier to sell a little every day; when it was added up at the end of the week, it was a pretty good week. There are no big sales—just little sales done daily. I remember the beginning of one week, I had only sold one bold listing for a measly $180. But by the end of the week, when I had to call my numbers in to the office, I had over $18,000 in sales that week.

When you are able to put these laws together in your life, it can be amazing and life changing. This next law is the one that really gave me an understanding of how to attract the things you want in a systematic way.

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