Vegan Diet: Delicious Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook (Includes Sweet Recipes) by Blomgren Frank

Delicious Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook (Includes Sweet Recipes)

Vegan diet: delicious vegetarian recipes cookbook (includes sweet recipes)


 healthy meal plan with a healthy recipe selection for all day. You are able to plan the menu for several weeks. The goal here is to be healthy and it starts with nutrition by having a healthy meal for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. The Vegan Diet section discusses the definition of the vegan diet. You will learn what it means to take on this dieting lifestyle. The recipe sections include Vegan Breakfast Recipes, Vegan Soups, Vegan Salads, Vegan Main and Side Dishes, and Vegan Desserts and Snacks.

I hope you enjoy this e-book. It was created with nothing but love and positivity to help make a difference in the world. The vegan movement is getting stronger every day, so I'm simply doing my part in helping raise the vibration of those who choose to read my material. This is also why I decided to give free consultations to those of you who buy this e-book. I want to help you succeed no matter what: Mother Earth and your health depend on it!

From juices and smoothies to quick and creative lunches, hearty main meals and incredibly tasty desserts Vegan-ish dispels any myths that a plant-based diet is too restrictive or difficult to follow and is packed with inspirational ideas for incorporating more vegetables and pulses into your diet.

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The vegan pyramid shows fortified bread and cereal at the bottom of the pyramid, just above water. Does this mean you should consume a lot of it? Unfortunately, those vegans that put on weight may not be taking in the correct amount of bread and cereal. It’s the lazy way out of food preparation to bulk out with bread.  Cereal is easy as well, though these are foods which contain calories and lots of them.


Another misconception is that whole meal bread is good enough and if you buy this from a supermarket, the chances are you are also consuming more refined or processed white flour and sugar than you think. Look at nutritional information as this is vital to your new diet. Not all bread is equal and buying bread in a health food store where contents are made clear is a better option.


Unrefined flour and sugar should always be shown as contents in breads and bread associated products. If you bake, bake using only these as the amount of sugar and carbs you are adding to the diet are obviously responsible for making you gain weight.

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