Productivity: Build Powerful Confidence Habits for a More Productive by Wanny Johnson

(216b) Build Powerful Confidence Habits for a More Productive

Productivity: build powerful confidence habits for a more productive


This short book will give you insights into how to get yourself motivated to achieve the goals you have currently set for yourself. It also shows you how you can set up certain triggers that will give you spikes of motivation over a long period of time. This is such an important skill to learn and in my opinion it has not received enough attention in people who are trying to learn how to be successful.

This book not only provides you with habits to grow your business, but also, provides you with actionable steps in order to kick-start these habits. After reading "25 Productivity Hacks for Restaurant Owners and Operators", you'll never think of productivity the same way again.

Think of it like a plane, when you are flying at a low altitude the wind is going to cause a lot of turbulence and it will feel like the plane is going to crash because the “road” is so bumpy… but if you just go up higher, then the turbulence stops and you have a smooth flight.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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Time management is important because we only have so much of it. As it’s not infinite, we have to make the best use of the time we have to be as efficient and productive as possible. If we find a way to manage our time correctly, we can get more done in less time. When you manage your time well, you create extra time for yourself. This will allow you to learn more. You can have more time to relax and breathe, meaning you will find yourself feeling less stressed. Time management can also improve your organizational and preparation skills. You will find that your work is of a higher quality. All of these collectively, allow you a better chance of being success.


If someone has poor time management skills, they are more likely to follow detrimental patterns that decrease efficiency and productivity. People that are often late to scheduled events have poor time management. It's possible that they won't be late, but they are rushing all the time. The most common mismanagement of time is procrastination. That is the practice of putting tasks off until the last minute. This increases a person's amount of stress and decreases their quality of work.

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