Body Language: A Complete Guide to Instantly Analyze Anyone by Edwin Douglas

(62b) A Complete Guide to Instantly Analyze Anyone

Body language: a complete guide to instantly analyze anyone


Positive thinking plays an important role in positive psychology, a subfield devoted to the study of what makes people happy and fulfilled. Do you tend to see the glass as half empty or half full? You have probably heard that question plenty of times. Your answer relates directly to the concept of positive thinking and whether you have a positive or negative outlook on life.

You reluctantly agree and thank your friend for such an honor, but deep down inside you really wish you could somehow get out of this responsibility. You start asking yourself, is there an excuse I can come up with or some other way to tell my friend to ask someone else? You hurriedly get off the phone and begin to freak out!

This book is a tool that will help you to question everything you have heard or learned to date. Instead of following assumptions and generalizing, you will learn how to truly understand a person while analyzing them. It will help you grasp another person’s thoughts, personality through tools like their body language.

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There are other kinds of non-verbal cues and body language we utilize, both consciously and unconsciously when we are upset or angry about something. It is important to acquire the knowledge needed to recognize defensive body language and non-verbal angry cues. This assists in a variety of situations, especially in close-bonded relationships. You can scale back the anger if you take the time to perform the right steps of action when you realize a person is upset with you. You can prevent unnecessary conflict from escalating. This is a win-win, for you can put an end to fighting and negative commentary that will only end up tarnishing relationships.

Learning analyzing techniques can help you become much more aware of your own body. Body language not only informs others what we are thinking and feeling, but it also influences how we feel overall as well. If you feel a bit down on yourself or about life in general, get up off the couch, stand tall and expand your chest. Performing this action just for a few minutes can help you regain that welcomed energy back into your body and mind, and create a feeling of self-confidence. Improving your own body language has an impact on positivity on yourself as well as those who are in your life!

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