Positive Thinking: Changing Your Thinking and Positive Thinking Secrets Power by Arthur Kahn

(50) Changing Your Thinking and Positive Thinking Secrets Power

Positive thinking: changing your thinking and positive thinking secrets power


If you wish for your life to have more meaning, value and be exactly or similar to how you envisage it to be, it is time for you to take charge of it. One effective way of doing that would be to continue reading this book; for it provides you with powerful, actionable and potent guidelines on how to think positive, unleash your inner motivation and build an amazing life filled with happiness. 

Your mind has the power to instantly change your emotions depending on what you are thinking. Have you ever gone to bed after watching a scary movie and started thinking about the scary movie and suddenly start hearing noises and seeing weird “things” in the dark? That is the result of your thoughts in action, the more you think about what was scary about the movie, the scarier you would feel. Just the same; if you were to think about what you would do if you won the lottery, really imagine it, you will find yourself getting emotional excited.

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Sample text:

Every morning when you wake up, take 10 minutes to put good energy out there. Say in your head or out loud, I am happy, I am blessed, I am strong. This day is a wonderful day. I send love out to X and I receive love back to myself. The X will be replaced by names of everyone you know and interact with consistently, even the ones that annoy you. You should really try to feel the emotions behind the words. Notice how you feel after doing this.  This daily ritual will surprise you with how good you feel afterwards, you will start to feel less rushed in the morning, your attitude will brighten and you will notice you have set the tone for the day.

Be grateful. It is recommended to do this exercise at the end of your day. This may be one of the hardest but most powerful things you will do. Give thanks for everything in your life, including the difficulties, frustrations, trials and tribulations. This includes the people who make you angry. Take note of the silver lining in dealing with these difficulties in your life, whether they are people, places or actions committed against you or that you may have committed in error or anger.

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