Productivity: A Complete Guide to Become Extremely Productive by Brandon Havens

(99b) A Complete Guide to Become Extremely Productive

Productivity: a complete guide to become extremely productive


There is good news…this stress relief guide will provide you simple and easy to implement stress reduction techniques that are proven effective and will prevent you from being consumed with stress burnout. You see it is hard enough to earn a living and it can be mentally draining to actually enjoy your career or company of choice. Stress burnout can make you feel inclined to either leave or study for a new career prematurely and unnecessarily. 

The ability to overcome the urge to accept the invitation to be part of these fun gatherings with friends, and spend that time working on your business plans or staying home with family is self-discipline.

Possessing self-discipline is necessary for so many things in life. Making sure we don’t eat or drink too much, become addicted to harmful substances or develop bad habits is essential to keeping our bodies and minds fit and healthy. But resisting life’s temptations can be tough.

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Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management for women, time management productivity, small business, time management system, procrastination

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Sample text:

I was never a big advocate of eating healthy. In fact I was quite the opposite. Big meals at work and McDonalds every day at university I didn't really think about it too much.


I've always been a hard gainer when it comes to putting on weight. I used to be the small skinny kid at school that would think he ate a lot but would never put on weight. For this reason it never occurred to me to question what I ate. I knew people get health problems but that's only when they're old right? Wrong. You can get healthy problems at anytime in your life.


I've learnt your body is stronger than you think but it's also fragile in certain aspects. Eating healthy is more then just maintaining your weight. Yes it does matter how you look and perceive yourself. There's no better confidence booster then looking and feeling good about yourself.


In saying all that eating healthy does many other things to your body that you can never experience until you eat healthy yourself.


A few years ago when I first began working for myself I was obsessed with trying new things to boost productivity and generally learn things about my body. A friend of mine found a diet called the 'raw vegan diet' when searching online and naturally I thought I'd join in with him for a few weeks jus for the fun of it. I didn't need to lose weight at all but I loved trying new things at the time so I went ahead with it.


For 3 weeks straight not a single processed food went into my system. Nothing cooked, nothing microwaved, ONLY raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. I'd make smoothies, juices, salads, soups made by blending mushrooms or sweet potato, plates of fruits, balls of nuts, dates and dried apricots, etc. 

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