Body Language: Learn How to Analyze People, Understand Human Behavior with Psychology by Emily Wright

(9b) How to Analyze People, Understand Human Behavior with Psychology

Body language: learn how to analyze people, understand human behavior with psychology


This book will help you turn your life around. It will make you a better judge of character and as such will give you an upper hand when dealing with people. It will also help you identify what it is that people truly want, quality information that will come in handy when negotiating for one thing or the other.]

You’ll understand and look at people in a different way. You’ll be amazed at how much information you are giving away.Take a second to imagine how your day-to-day life will change, when you can instantly analyze people everywhere you go.

Learning how to analyze others accurately might even protect you from a life-threatening situation. You'll teach yourself to listen to that inner warning voice, that part of your subconscious that recognizes the danger signs before you have had time to take it all in and react.

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Keywords: Psychology, personality, relationship, body language, body language secrets, body language training, how to analyze people, Influence, Communication, communication skills

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To learn about the stimulus-response mechanism, let’s check out the behaviorist learning theories that were already established in the past. Ivan Pavlov is credited for one of the earliest experiments on behavior.

He tested a dog’s reactions to stimuli associated with food. His experiment shows us that certain stimuli lead to specific sets of automatic responses. Today, we call this the classical conditioning theory.

Since then, many other behavioral psychologists added to what Pavlov started. For instance, BF Skinner formulated the operant conditioning theory. In this theory, Skinner suggests that a behavior will be constantly repeated when it could lead to a reward.

In this theory, Skinner suggests that the reward (or reinforcement) reinforces the behavior and it creates a mental pattern. When the mental pattern is repeated enough number of times (through drills), the stimuli-response mechanism is established.

To learn about how you can use this mechanism in persuading others, you should first learn its different components:

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