Productivity: Increase Productivity and Achieve Your Goals by Derek Connor

(115b) Increase Productivity and Achieve Your Goals

Productivity: increase productivity and achieve your goals


The significant feature of this approach is that it allows for the inefficiency of firms, and thus productivity growth is estimated rather than taking it as a residual as is usually measured in the traditional growth accounting approach. High rates of technological progress, on the one hand, can co-exist with low rates of capacity realization.

This new compendium of recent advances in the use of modern technology and management concepts-- from distributed virtual manufacturing enterprises to integrating green technology in a cost-effective manner to materials and energy savingswill offer engineers and technical managers the needed insight to plan for future growth and success. Greater utilization and availability of resources in the workplace are directly related to better design and better engineering in the manufacturing economy. 

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How could you how can you tell if a person is a chronic procrastinator? Better yet, how can you tell if you’re a chronic procrastinator yourself? Well, procrastinators, among other things, tend to avoid talking about or divulging information concerning their capabilities, the estimate time very poorly, they’re excessively fixated on the past, they hardly ever take action on what they intend to do, and they also prefer jobs that are more service-oriented. These particular traits of procrastinators can be related to several things, namely:
−     Hello sense of self-worth or esteem
−     Being perfectionists
−     Complacency or a non-competitive personality, self-deception
−     Control over one's self
−     Confidence in oneself
−     Anxiety and depression
So why do people tend to procrastinate? One reason is growing up with authoritarian parents. Procrastination maybe an unconsciously continuing habit of rebelling against such authority as adults. Still on the parental side, some cases of procrastination maybe due to parents who have babied their children for too long to the point that their kids, even after growing up to adulthood, have gotten used to being babied and everything pretty much being done for them.  As such, they haven’t developed any sense of hard work or urgency in getting things done knowing there are always people to pick up their slack.
Another possible reason for procrastinating is thought orientation. Procrastinators tend to focus their thoughts more on “dreams and wishes” compared to non-procrastinators to tend to focus their thoughts on obligations and things that they ought to do.


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