Productivity: Highly Effective Time and Productivity Tips by Kristy Murnaw

(34b) Highly Effective Time and Productivity Tips

Productivity: highly effective time and productivity tips


This book is a journey with me guiding you through your mind which will show you how to easily and quickly change lifelong, self-destructive habits of thought.

Time management is one of the most important factors that influence how successful you will become. The ability to efficiently manage your time is very important not only for those who want to advance in their careers or in their education, but also for everyone who wants to get the most out of life. With proper time management, you can expect to become a more productive person. People will start looking up to you and many opportunities to advance in life will start to appear

It was at this point I started looking for ways to improve my productivity. I experimented with everything under the sun and have realised you can definitely be more productive, it's all about implementing small but significant rules that keep you working.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


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Sample text:

Obviously then, you should prioritize Q1 and Q2 tasks, because they are important. Between the two, Q1 tasks have the greater priority, being both urgent and important. These often refer to work that must be completed within the day or the next few hours, otherwise deadlines or important milestones (publication targets, release dates, etc.) will be missed. 

Meanwhile, Q3 tasks (those that are urgent but not important) may be delegated if possible, or better still, eliminated. Take our example earlier of the office phone that is ringing. Answering it is an urgent task, as you don’t want to let the phone keep ringing for long or miss what might be an important call. You can delegate this task, if possible, to a secretary or assistant. But you can also eliminate it altogether if you had turned off the phone beforehand (when you don’t want to be disturbed so you can focus on another important task).

Finally, Q4 tasks (not important and not urgent) are useless ones that shouldn’t even be on your to-do list. These are time wasters and distractions. Once you have made your to-do list for the day, check if some Q4 tasks have managed to be included in it. And throughout the day, make it a habit to ask yourself if what you’re doing is important or urgent. If it is neither, stop doing it and work on something else. 

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