Positive Thinking: A Practical guide to overcoming negative emotions by Rainer Kennard

(47) A Practical guide to overcoming negative emotions

Positive thinking: a practical guide to overcoming negative emotions


Many of us tend to underestimate the power of our own thoughts. Our thoughts can either help us or hold us back. You are the one who will decide the outcome of many of the things that happen in your life. In a way, you create your future based on the way that you think in the present.

It will also inform you what positive thinking is all about and its importance, benefits and effects, the difference between positive and negative thoughts and how to turn negative thinking to positive thinking. If you have a positive outlook on life, you will have plenty of friends, influence negative people to become more positive like you and acquire more opportunities in life such as a promotion, wealth and all of your heart’s desires.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to take control of those nagging annoying thoughts and finally start living and enjoying this beautiful life you have been blessed with. The quality of your life is based on your thoughts. As silly as that may sound to some especially if this is one of your first self-help books, it is the truth. 

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Sample text:

When you experience thoughts, they cause you emotions. Some pleasant other times are uncomfortable. The ones causing us the biggest concern are the unpleasant such as worry, fear, and frustration, pessimism. If many of these flood your mind over the course of the day. Week. Month or your life. They tend to define your new reality. They distort what you think your image is. You buy into the story. You start to limit what is possible in your life. These emotions and thoughts are in direct correlation to your self-confidence or self-worth. Negative thoughts, themselves are not the problem. The issue is that they cause emotions that highlight and create a lot of doubt in ourselves. They highlight inability in ourselves. They cause us to second guess ourselves.  That we are inadequately equipped handle the tasks or situation at hand. When we perceive our ability as inadequate, we freeze up. We get paralyzed.

Think back to the time when you were confident of your ability to doing something. You might have experienced the same emotions of fear, doubt but you went ahead and did it.

Let’s say you are going to make a presentation. You are feeling nervous.

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