Vegan Diet: Vegan Diet Cookbook To Improve your Health (Includes Smoothies And Stews) by Magdalena Pennington

Vegan Diet Cookbook To Improve your Health (Includes Smoothies And Stews)

Vegan diet: vegan diet cookbook to improve your health (includes smoothies and stews)


Vegan Vitality is a comprehensive active-living guide and cookbook for current and aspiring vegans and vegetarians interested in making regular physical activity a part of their lives.  motivates and inspires readers to increase the quality (and length!) of their lives by enjoying a whole foods, plant-based diet and engaging in regular exercise. With healthy living advice for everyone from beginners to amateur athletes, as well as a well-rounded collection of one hundred mouthwatering recipes specifically created to fuel active living, this book sets itself apart from existing titles by bridging the gap between diet and fitness, approaching health holistically and as a long-term lifestyle. Also included are interviews with vegan athletes and fitness professionals, each providing their own recipes, top-secret tips, and habits for healthy, active plant-based living.

The twenty first century has given us many things; amazing technology and communication means, the global village, an information society, the ability to fly from opposite sides of the world to meet up with family and friends, shared resources and languages and a better understanding of different cultures. In fact, many cultures are shared across nations and the fusion that results means we can share those things that define us with others who come to enjoy the same things we enjoy – even if for different reasons. One of such things is Vegan Food and the corresponding Vegan Recipes.

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Keywords: Vegan Diet, vegetarian diet, vegan recipes, detox, weight loss, ketogenic diet, low carb recipes

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Sample text:

You can become a vegan by three main steps depending on your situation.

1.    Substitution method

By this method, you only substitute non-vegan food with vegan food. Although you will easily find substitutes for meat and dairy products, you should not expect them to have a similar texture and taste as meat and dairy products. However, the substitutes will supply your body with the same nutrients as meat and dairy products would.

Substitute baked chicken served with rice and broccoli with a vegan chicken such as a high quality Gardein and Beyond meat brand. Instead of cooking your rice in butter, cook it in vegetable oil or vegan butter such as Earth Balance.

If you love burgers, chose vegan burgers such as the Boca, Gardenburger, Sunshine Burgers and Amy’s. The good thing is that you can also make your version of a vegan burger at the comfort of your home. The substitution method is an easier way of beginning a vegan lifestyle. However, you should do away with the meat substitutes if your aim is to lose weight. You should not be keen on the taste of the substitutes you take but concentrate on the fact that you are making the transition to another diet. It will enable you to remain committed to a vegan diet and eat what you are supposed to be eating regardless of taste and flavor.


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