Buddhism For Beginners: Bring Peace And Happiness To Your Everyday Life by Ken Christopher

Buddhism Guide

Buddhism for beginners: bring peace and happiness to your everyday life

Looking For Inner Peace & Happiness?
Are you looking to become a Buddhist?
Want to learn about Buddhism and whether or not it's the right path for you?

The teachings of the Buddha are plain and straightforward, and because they remain focused on the moment they are just as relevant now as they have ever been.

Buddhism provides you with deep information related to the worldly pleasures, your desires, and everything that prevents you from acquiring inner peace and happiness. Moreover, it also guides you on how you can battle all your obstructions, both the inner and outer ones, to gain complete peace of mind. Buddhism is a philosophy, some refer to it as a religion, or a faith, that comprises of numerous beliefs, spiritual practices and traditions based primarily on the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Let us dig deeper into this and find out more about Buddhism.

In this book You'll Learn:


Make use of this book today to educate yourself about one of the most popular ideas in history - transcending the mundane and discovering the ultimate. Get to know Buddhism intimately, and understand why it has had such a powerful effect on the world

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Sample text:

Chapter 1: The Basics Of Buddhism


Historically speaking, Buddhism is one of the most influential paths which continue to shape people, communities and nations. Its philosophies and teachings are very powerful and are practiced by approximately three hundred million people around the world. For thousands of years the Buddhist tradition has created a path that can help those who seek enlightenment and inner peace. The Buddha’s teachings are so simple, yet they are so appealing. The Buddhist outlook on man and the universe are becoming more and more accepted. In fact, it is safe to say that Buddhism nowadays has become more popular than ever.

Buddhism is one of the philosophies which were able to successfully transition from temples to mainstream culture. Perhaps due to the various portrayals of Buddhism in popular media, every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he knows something about being enlightened. While Buddhism has always been a major religion in Asia, it only became popular in the West sometime after the 1960’s. This was the period when yoga, vegetarianism, and meditation became popular as well.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Buddhism has created a false picture in our heads. A lot of us think we know a thing or two about Buddhist philosophy, but only a few actually understand the heart of the practice. In a sense, the “Westernized” version of Buddhism took away the innocence and purity of the Buddhist beliefs. Suddenly, some of the most sacred Buddhist practices became trends. Some even try to make money by setting up overpriced yoga and meditation studios!

So what is Buddhism all about?

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