Productivity: How To Systemise Your Business Reduce your workload by Dennis Garron

(6b) How To Systemise Your Business Reduce your workload

Productivity: how to systemise your business reduce your workload


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This book describes and demonstrates powerful but harder-to-discover features on your computer. You'll experience the magic of pattern-driven find/replace, the command line. You'll write a few programs in Python, and glimpse under the hood of a web app. It was originally motivated by undergraduate engineering students asking a technical engineering manager for career advice. It's perfect for students, but aspires to be useful for all intermediate computer users.

A lot has changed since the first edition of Your Digital Life was published back in October 2015. Operating systems have updated, cloud computing has got better, more storage and faster downloads and our digital calendars can do much more.



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Sample text:

Most teachers got into the profession of teaching because they wanted to “help people”.

They tend to be highly empathic, caring, loving people on the whole (Okay, I know Barb from the 3rd grade team called you a bitch behind your back last year, I’m just generalizing here.)

So why is this a component of our developing shitstorm of teacher stress? Because really, really nice, empathic people tend to do these two things:


Put everyone else’s health and sanity before their own
Let things “get to them”

Teachers take on an enormous amount of responsibility and slap on an energetic persona because they are working...  “FOR THE CHILDREN!”

In any other professional setting, expected overtime without pay, unclear job roles, and minimal input in key decisions would not be tolerated.

Imagine the entire workforce of lawyers was magically changed into classroom teachers. By week 3 of this apocalyptic scenario, some would quit, some would lose their shit, and the rest would enjoy it but immediately demand fair compensation for their time during and beyond their contract.

To be clear, every job has its downsides. But only in education is the utter lack of respect for one’s own well-being is so loudly drowned out by a “more important” cry... “THE CHILDREN!”

A wonderfully noble cause, indeed. But consistently ignoring your own needs helps no one in the long run. It’s worse for your students and it’s worse for you.

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