Vegan Diet: Ultimate Vegan Diet Recipes To Stay Lean And Look Amazing (Fit Body With Vegan Diet) by Janice Clark

Ultimate Vegan Diet Recipes To Stay Lean And Look Amazing (Fit Body With Vegan Diet)

Vegan diet: ultimate vegan diet recipes to stay lean and look amazing (fit body with vegan diet)


Are you worried that your vegan lifestyle will keep you from becoming a stellar athlete or a bodybuilder? Are you considering going vegan and wonder if you'll be able to get the nutrition you need to stay strong and toned? Author John Williams first discovered weight training and bodybuilding during his high school football career. After becoming a vegan, he researched the science behind the best way to maintain his physique as he pursued professional bodybuilding. And now he's here to share his most effective tips and tricks with you.

I believe everyone would consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and herbs if they experienced how wonderful raw food can taste when prepared right and the amount of energy it would give them! This recipe book contains over  delectable recipes for the advanced individual or beginner. Each one is not only healthy for your body but all are incredibly delicious! Every ingredient is taste tested organic, and included are recipes for salads, wraps, juices, smoothies, fermented foods, and even raw chocolate chip cookies.

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Sample text:

Southwestern Salad with Lime Dressing


Total time: 30mins

Serves: 6



Romaine 1 head or green leaf, chopped
cherry tomatoes 1 cup, sliced in half
sweet corn 1 cup kernels 
black olives 1 cup pitted, sliced
avocado 1, chopped
red onion ½ cup, chopped
red bell pepper 1/3 cup, chopped
yellow bell pepper 1/3 cup, chopped
orange bell pepper 1/3 cup, chopped


Lime Dressing

1 ½ lime, juiced
extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons
garlic 1 clove
onion 1 tablespoon minced
maple syrup 1 teaspoon
cumin ¼teaspoon ground
sea salt ¼ teaspoon



Prepare Dressing

Place dressing ingredients in a food processor or blender mix well and put in container with lid and refrigerate to allow flavors to mix together well until time to use.

Make the Salad

On a plate or in a salad bowl, place a bed of lettuce, then place avocado, onions, olives, corn, bell peppers and tomatoes in rows.

Drizzle with lime dressing before serving

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