Positive Thinking: Best Ways to Increase Your Happiness and the Power of Mind by Joseph Hasson

(7) Best Ways to Increase Your Happiness and the Power of Mind

Positive thinking: best ways to increase your happiness and the power of mind


This book was created to help guide individuals out of these states of fear and into a state of love and happiness. When one connects with the present moment, they connect with this abundance and joy

Thinking of saying a complex sentence inappropriately actually makes you tongue-tied. Do you know why? It is because your thoughts have the power to change things and events. In this book, you will learn how to master positive thinking by learning about the power of thought and the Law of Attraction. With these core principles, this book will teach you ways on how to think positively by hacking your body, your speech, and your actions.

Would you like to get rid of all negativity from your life. Do you feel stuck and unable to accomplish the things you want? Discover the root cause of your self criticism and how to rewire your thoughts to serve you as fuel to unleash your full potential. If you are looking for lasting changes and continuously move up in the scale of success in your life, then you must modify the way you think.

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It is said that we are sum total of our thoughts, and it couldn’t have been any truer than that! Our entire life is structured by our thought patterns, attitude, and perception. We are indeed what we think. When these thoughts are complemented by powerful words and positive energies said in a focused and purposeful manner, their potency increases hugely. To create strong positive intentions, we must transform thoughts into words by selecting our words and phrases carefully. To manifest our deepest and truest positive intentions, we must success fully convert our positive thoughts and feelings into tangible words.

Affirmations are a great way to give clarity and directions to our thoughts. It declutters the mind and sets the intention to help us focus and concentrate on what truly matters. You’ll be surprised to note how the dynamics of your thoughts change rapidly when you begin using positive affirmations.

The word affirmation has its origins in Latin, where affirmer e translates “to strengthen.” By using positive affirmations, we are doing nothing but strengthening the subconscious mind’s power to believe in your goals, thus making the process of manifesting them easier. Using a bunch of powerful words and phrases throughout the day, we can strengthen our belief in our ability to accomplish what we desire to manifest.

Verbalize your thoughts to feel empowered, reassure your mind, and convert seemingly wishful thinking into reality.

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