Productivity: Learn How to Boost Your Productivity Be Stress Free by Carlos Stafford

(98b) Learn How to Boost Your Productivity Be Stress Free

Productivity: learn how to boost your productivity be stress free


It was found by accident when experimenting with writing. The cure found to work, with astounding results, is the one you're about to learn. Getting things done is not a problem when you know this simple technique.

Success is not achieved by accident; it takes time, dedication, and a certain refusal to fail to get the things you want. No one reaches high levels of success by leaving things to chance. When you set goals for yourself, you are making the decision that these targets are important to you and expressing your commitment to achieve them.

Want to eliminate the habit of procrastination which is limiting your success in life, business or career? Is procrastination associated with being lazy, irresponsible or low-willpower? My perception of procrastination is rather different and I am not going to label a procrastinator with the words listed above.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


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When you have a job you may not realise it but the main reason you're able to get up and do things is because there's a consequence if you don't. If you get caught out lazing one too many times you'll get called into the office and if it continues, chances are, you'll lose your job.


When you work for yourself, you're your own boss. You can't really fire yourself so most people have a hard time keeping this pressure so they're able to work.


You have to treat yourself as both an employee and an employer because essentially that's what you are. You're a commander to yourself, a grinder, a leader, a labourer, all in one. You need to be able to switch between the two modes.


The best way to do this is to define roles for each. As an employer you give yourselves things to do and punish yourself for not following through. As an employee you will do the tasks given to you, (by yourself), or suffer the consequence of not doing them. I know it sounds weird and a little confusing but that's what we are. We're entrepreneurs and we do things differently. That's why we achieve things people only dream of achieving.


Give yourself some rules. If you break them punish yourself.


Punishments can come in many forms. It could be as simple as donating $50 to a charity you DON'T want to donate to. Yes, you read that correctly. Give that $50 to someone you trust and tell them to donate this to a charity you've specified if you tell them you didn't do the task(s) you needed to.

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