Body Language: How to Analyze People- Learn the Secrets Methods and Psychological Techniques by Jessica mindset

(55b) How to Analyze People- Learn the Secrets Methods and Psychological Techniques

Body language: how to analyze people- learn the secrets methods and psychological techniques


In life, as well as in business, it's often necessary to convince others to see things our way. This eBook is about effective methods you can use to influence people to do as you want them to do. Whether you're looking for a way to deal with rebellious teens or make more sales for your business, these techniques will help.

If you want to learn the skill of human analysis, you can use the knowledge you would acquire from this book to improve and nurture your relationships, understand people’s personality types, and acquire a positive frame of mind when dealing with people. This can lead to success and happiness in each of your endeavors.

When you can see how the person to you is feeling through their body language, regardless of the words that are coming from their mouth, you are more apt to be able to get to what the real problem is and fix it before it gets out of control.


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Sample text:

They have a short fuse and believe violence is the answer to all problems

If someone has a tendency to fly into a rage over the smallest thing, it is safe to assume they have anger issues that could escalate. Do they talk about violence as if it is a natural conclusion to all situations? This is not natural. Normal people can resolve disputes in a non-violent manner. There is also a tendency to glorify violence and show admiration for aggressive people in society.

Social situations

Has the person you are analyzing ever shown aggressive behavior towards waiting staff in a restaurant or bar. This is a common indication that they believe that acting like a bully in public is acceptable and this belief will affect how they treat others. Do they get up close and personal when having an argument? Closing in on someone’s personal space is a sure sign of aggressive tendencies. Physical aggression is not an acceptable trait and can be an indication of something much more dangerous.

The buck does not stop here!

When you are in conversation with someone and past relationships come up, do they blame their ex partners for the breakup? Normal people will talk about former relationships and accept that both parties had their problems. If you come across someone who seems to think the world is against them, past partners, ex bosses, and they don't have a good word to say about anyone, then beware, chances are they have anger issues.

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