Vegan Diet: 40 Vegan Recipes To Make In An Hour (Lose Weight Without Fasting) by Jesse Crews

40 Vegan Recipes To Make In An Hour (Lose Weight Without Fasting)

Vegan diet: 40 vegan recipes to make in an hour (lose weight without fasting)


Vegan Dinner Party contains only the best selection of amazingly tasty recipes that will make your family and friends fall in love with all these new yet comforting tastes. Guests at your vegan dinner party will talk about these recipes for years to come! Vegan Dinner Party has you covered from soups, salads, and spreads to main dishes and cakes. You can even find a whole selection of dreamy no bake desserts and a barbecue and Christmas special. Recipes include:

This book presents rigorous and substantial scientific evidence, on the multitude of both constructive and destructive far-reaching multi-dimensional health, ecological, social, economic and spiritual repercussions of food production and consumption. The two fundamental dietary options of prevalence in any society comprise: the meat-centred dietary category and the plant-centred or vegan dietary category. Compelling and credible scientific revelations affirm time and time again that the production and consumption of meat-centred dietary components generate destructive health, ecological, social, economic and spiritual repercussions; while the production and consumption of vegan dietary components, have been verifiably affirmed to yield tremendous and indispensable health, 

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If you are planning to become a vegan, you should first know that there are different types of vegans and choose the best option that fits you. In general, vegans exclude all animal-derived food from their meals. You will not find meat, eggs and dairy products on the vegans’food list. A vegan will also avoid processed food, some wines and even refined sugar.  Are you an animal lover?  If so, you might want to be an ethical vegan rather than a dietary vegan. While a dietary vegan primarily avoids eating animal-derived food, an ethical vegan not only avoids consuming food derived from animals, but also products that researchers have used in experiments conducted on animals as well as using animals in activities such as bull fighting or carrying of luggage.

By being a vegan, you will do the following:

•        Eat food derived from plants only

•        Wear clothes made from other materials other than wool, leather and silk.

•        Use household products and cosmetics that are not animal-tested

•        Withdraw support of the use of animals as a source of labor


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