Productivity: The Ultimate Guide to Living a More Productive Life by Karen Donaldson

(30b) The Ultimate Guide to Living a More Productive Life

Productivity: the ultimate guide to living a more productive life

If you have experienced the overwhelm of walking into your office and not knowing where to even start your work for the day, then Cynthia understands how that feels. Having experienced life as a wife, mother, and now grandmother, she has walked the walk and now seeks to share what has worked for her with clients who soon become friends. 

You can have a top-notch brain and amazing work ethic, but it will all fall apart if you don’t take care of your body too. You only get one body and the strategies in this book will help you keep it in top productive form for years to come.

Do you feel fed up with yourself and your bad habit of procrastinating? Do you think procrastinating is holding you back? Are you willing to take control of your life and see results? Do you really want to change and become powerful and successful? Are you ready to develop good habits.

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Sample text:

One of the definitions of focus; according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: “a subject that is being discussed or studied: the subject on which people's attention is focused.”

While that is the classic dictionary definition of focus, for our purpose, we will use the following definition: “The ability to concentrate all effort on a single task, until its successful completion, or allotted time expires.”

Most of us have an unfinished agenda in regards to one area, (in many cases; more) of our lives, and if we don’t today, we most likely will have at some time in the not too distant future. That’s just a fact of life.

Whether a fitness, financial, family, business or personal goal; everyone is in a constant state of trying to get from “A to B”. Whether that destination is measured by your bank account, your bathroom scales, or just your overall level of happiness and contentment, depends on you, and the area of your current goal.

Knowing that; it makes sense that we should try and get from “A to B” as quickly, and efficiently as possible.  That is the agenda of this book; to help you get from where you are to wherever it is you want to be as quickly as possible.

Although there are other skills that are important on your journey to success (however you define success), your ability to focus on what needs to be done; to get you either to the top rung, or just the next step, is crucial.

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