Body Language: Ultimate Guide to Attract a Man Using Right Body Language by Tim Waters

(49b) Ultimate Guide to Attract a Man Using Right Body Language

Body language: ultimate guide to attract a man using right body language


A lot of psychological pressure exists when dealing with other people. Some people have good intentions but don't know how to convey them. Other people might have manipulative intentions - but can give an impression of good, harmless people.

The way you move your eyes, mouth, head, arms and legs—it all has meaning. When you practice the techniques in this book you will not only use your body in a brand new way, but you’ll have the skills to read the body language of others and know what they are really thinking.

The more my knowledge increased the better things started to go in my life. Just increasing my ability to understand people and what they wanted without needing them to tell them to me.

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Sample text:

Learning how to read body language can be easy just as long as you know the basics. In reality, there are actually two types of body language that you need to learn to read. One of which is the basic type wherein it’s the one that you see often when you’re on a date. Simple eye contact, the way she curls her hair, how she uses makeup while she talks with you or the way she walks with you are considered as basic types of body language. The other type of body language is the complex response where the subtle cues are fast. In a split second, a smirk or a sign of contempt is used. The bad thing about these subtle cues is that they’re so fast and you have very little time to notice them.

Have you ever watched those shows about lying where investigators check on suspects simply through their body movements? If you’ve watched some of those shows, you might have noticed that they will often record the person while they continue with their interrogation. There are actually two reasons why they record their suspect. One of which is because of documentation purposes while the other reason is to check for subtle cues. Subtle cues are so fast that you might not even spot them while you are having a date. In a split second, your date might pout and close her lips in an angry manner while you are sharing a lame joke. If you notice that type of movement, then you need to be careful as she obviously isn’t appreciating what you have to say.

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