Productivity: The Practical Guide to Multiply Your Productivity by Claire Margni

(96b) The Practical Guide to Multiply Your Productivity

Productivity: the practical guide to multiply your productivity


If your business is like most, it is already generating a staggering amount of data on a regular basis. Understanding what this data truly means is key to succeeding in the marketplace these days and if you are looking for a way to give yourself an edge then Data Analytics is the book you have been waiting for.

The human brain is an amazing thing. Ever heard about the power of suggestion? You can teach your brain to change how it processes thought and react to what's going around you. And that's where Positive Thinking comes in!

We are people attracted by high goals, sometimes we attend some psychological Web site or a workshop, buy a theme book, download a traditional lecture… moreover, what do we hear? We hear lies.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.


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Sample text:

Decluttering your mind is extremely crucial for an organized, clutter-free lifestyle. With practice and patience, it is possible to clean and declutter your mind. Here is how:

Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones: One of the best ways to declutter your mind is replacing your thoughts with positive ones. Your brain is hardwired to negativity and negative thoughts like “I am ineffective and uglier, and my partners/friends/co-workers doesn’t like me” Or “I am sloppy and lazy at work,” etc. These types of thoughts can be a problem. A very effective way to stop your negative thinking is saying stop whenever the critic pops up in your mind. Select a stop-word and when your mind starts negative thoughts, say stop or say I am not going there. Focus your mind on positive thinking like playing the next baseball game with your friends or the healthy meal you are going to eat tonight. 
Practice gratitude: Occasionally your negative thoughts are true. One of the simplest ways to shift your focus from your life’s disappointment is to list the things and events in your life you are grateful for. Be grateful that each day brings you new opportunities for you. Be grateful that you have a steady job. Be grateful that you live with a loving family. 
Take mindful action: Don’t exhaust your energy by over thinking and worrying. Use your energy for constructive thinking and positive action. Don’t hide behind negativity, regret, and frustration. Instead, focus on the next positive step. Invest your energy, time and money on moving forward toward a positive resolution. 
Set a worrying time: Set a time for worrying. For example, 30 minutes every evening. Save all your worries for that time and when it is your worry time, worry the things that trouble you. 

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