Make money online: How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Fiverr Arbitrage by Matthew Sisk

(205b) How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Fiverr Arbitrage

Make money online: how to make money with amazon affiliate fiverr arbitrage


You will not only get to know about the unique benefits of marketing automation that you have been missing, but also get to know which tools are best suited for your type of business, when and how to implement them.

The book examines work at home values, self-discipline ideas, ways to make money online, advertising venues, and how to get traffic.

This book also teaches the reader how to identify a potential start an online business, and how to get the much needed sales so that they actually get an opportunity to to make money online.

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: affiliate marketing, how to get rich, make money online, passive income, investing, real estate, internet marketing, affiliate marketing secrets

Word Count: 8753

Sales info:

Recently we ran a promo and were able to make 1500 sales during the promotion period. Though all sales were free downloads but it signifies that the topic has potential and is capable of making money. Paid downloads vary between 40 to 60 per month.



Minimum estimate - 30 Paid Downloads * $3.00 * 70% = $63 per month

Maximum but not limited to - 60 Paid Downloads * $3.00 * 70% = $126 per month

Annual Earnings per book - Minimum Estimate - $63 * 12 = $756 per year.

Annual Earnings per book - Max but not limited to Estimate - $126 * 12 = $1512 per year.


Please Note - This is just one book. I have over 1000+ books in my arsenal. If one book can do this much imagine how much even 10 books could do for you. Just stay committed with our business model and I assure you that we all will make money!! Lot of it!!

Sample text:

If you have some writing skills and you are passionate about something, this can be a way for you to make money online. Today, publishing your own book requires virtually no money to start. $10 was all I spent to publish my first book, “My strategy to retire early”, as that was all it cost me to buy the book cover. 

That’s right. Long gone are the days you needed to have capital to publish a book. The Internet is a world of opportunity, and that also applies to publishing your own book. There are many publishers online, but my favorite is Amazon KDP – Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon and Kindle are trademarks of Inc. or its affiliates). The process of publishing your own book is quite simple and straightforward. You can pretty much write your book with your text editor, format it according to Amazon KDP's guidelines and upload it to the Kindle marketplace. That is it, no tricks, no money, etc. 

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language.

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